Another Wonderful Letter!

MS. Lyons:

Hello!  My name is SFC Laube and I am the Battalion Medical  NCOIC for 1-143rd FA, as well as the Medical PSG for HHB 1-143rd out of Richmond CA.  Both my troops and myself have been receiving packages from “Their Angels” and I wanted to personally thank you for your kindness.

Having spent many Holidays away I can tell you that while we are tough, it is not always easy, especially for our younger troops (of which we have many) to be away from home, friends and families.  Thoughtful gestures from back home can and do make a difference.

In case they forget to express their gratitude in their youthful state, allow me to speak on their behalf and say “Thank You and and Merry Christmas!”


Letter from 557 Expeditionary Red Horse Squadron

Good Morning,

I am contacting you today because I just happened to be on the receiving end of 6 boxes of care packages from your organization. It was a very pleasant surprise for us especially around this time of year. All of us here greatly appreciate all of the men, women, and children that helped put these packages together for us. I can tell the people that put these packages together took a lot of pride in what they were doing and that they also appreciate us very much. We all here just wanted to make sure that they know we appreciate them just as much for everything they do for us and their families as well. Who knows I’m sure quite a few of them will be taking our place one day. Thank you so much for everything you are doing for us back home, we hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving and that you enjoy the rest of your year!


557 Expeditionary Red Horse Squadron

Letter 2

Marva and Team,

Thank you for ALL of the care packages. My guys and I enjoy them, so thank you. The love and support that you and your volunteers give us, really helps us understand what we mean to the American people. I’m staying pretty busy over here with work. We have a pretty big project, it’s been long hours with limited days off, it will be nice to get a small break once the job is over. Again, thank you for the care and support, it means a lot to us.



December 19, 2016

Letter 1

Mrs. Lyons,

I received the package yesterday that Their Angels Military Support Group sent to my Battery. I appreciate all the items that you and your organization have provided for my Soldiers. Please forward my gratitude to the hardworking people that made this happen. Thank you.



February 3, 2017