Veteran’s on a Father’s Day

You are a Father, and a Veteran
You stood proud, as a Military man
You served your country over the years
During that time, you hid your tears
While you served, you were away from home
Your children now have families of their own
Time away from family, seems forever lost
Challenges you faced, had a great cost
Over the years you’ve helped us see
You defended our country, so we are free
You never complained about your pain
You would gladly serve, and do it over again
But one thing stands, real and true
We thank God each day, that we have you
It’s your unconditional love for liberty
How much more fortunate, could we be
No matter what life throws your way
We sometimes don’t take the time to say
We counted on you, and you were there
We want you to know, how much we care
To all of the Veteran’s far and wide A Father’s day wish, sent with pride
We are filled with so much admiration Sent for this Father’s day celebration
Thanks for your commitment to strive
We wish your life will prosper and thrive
We pray this is a really great year
We want you to know we hold you dear
Author: Donna Black
June 15, 2008